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International trade is a great and important step for the growth and projection of any company. However, its practice can bring about commercial conflicts or lawsuits between companies and, in an adverse scenario, international arbitration may be the most sensible, easy and convenient solution to end a dispute through private mechanisms and hand in hand with the advice and representation of our experienced international lawyers from our firm Velae Legal Group.

International arbitration, the judicial alternative to resolve your foreign trade disputes

As a resource, international arbitration is an extrajudicial litigation that uses private judges who act as arbitrators in the process to decide the way to resolve the conflict. It is an alternative solution, binding and chosen at the will of the companies that maintain a commercial relationship and between which the dispute arises. To start arbitration, an agreement between the parties is required to decide the language, place, arbitrators and international laws that will serve as a framework for the entire process.

If your company has domiciles in different countries or is subject to international legal regulations and regulations, you can resort to this arbitration to obtain a resolution in a significantly shorter time than it would take with a process in a national court.

At Velae Legal Group we have extensive knowledge of bilateral and multilateral international treaties and agreements applicable in these arbitrations, as well as delegations in different countries to help you use the entire legal system in your favor and find the most convenient agreement for your company.

Advantages of starting arbitration with our accompaniment

We focus on working to offer a convenient and expedited dispute resolution mechanism.

  • We put all our resources and knowledge to take you to a quick resolution of your dispute with simplified processes.
  • You will have the possibility of choosing an arbitrator or an arbitral tribunal and with our experience and command of international treaties, conventions and laws we will recommend the best choice according to your interests.
  • We will ensure the neutrality of the process.
  • We will choose for you the best team of international lawyers according to the object of your claim, thus raising the technical quality of support during the trial.
  • Absolute guarantee of confidentiality.
  • You will have a clear cost structure from the start.

Velae Legal Group, specialists in consulting for dispute resolution

International trade disputes can encompass issues of intellectual property, trademark use, competition, breach of agreement or breach of contract, and product liability. For all these cases, you will have the support of our lawyers who will assist you with the legal certainty you require to continue operating. Likewise, we offer you all the advice for your future contracts or agreements with companies abroad. Contact Us.

Our firm is the Ibero-American legal study of multinationals and middle market companies. We have been committed to the business sector for more than 40 years.


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